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In the era of ultra-personalization, brands must adapt to their consumers and convey strong messages. Which brands are doing perfectly this year this summer? We present Finland Phone Number List selection to you! The American pizza brand Papa John's, the third largest pizza restaurant in the United States, has just designed a pizza exclusively for bees. A buzz that highlights a fact: without bees, there will be no more pizzas!

The environment is an important cause for consumers. From then on, brands compete in creativity to please consumers and meet their new demands. Papa John's has Finland Phone Number List therefore launched a new marketing campaign to help bees: the first pizza exclusively for them made with Papa John's pizza dough, pollen and wild flowers. An original marketing operation which aims above all to educate customers on the subject of the alarming decline of bees without falling into greenwashing .

In collaboration with Crayola, the brand made the decision to switch its packaging to black and white, thus encouraging children to color the cereal boxes. Via Finland Phone Number List dedicated app, children can now save their creations, materialize them and win Crayola packs. What makes this campaign so interesting is that Kellog's has been able to offer a new and fun customer experience by removing color and therefore saving ink on its packaging. In addition, the development of the dedicated application is in line with the evolution of the role of mobile among young people and allows them to set up the competition game that motivates children to participate.

On the occasion of the release of season 3 of Stranger Things, Nike in collaboration with Netflix unveils a pair of sneakers that burn to reveal certain details related to the series. The fans of the series will tear them away! Released on Netflix in early July, season 3 Finland Phone Number List Stranger Things is based on an original and well-conducted communication campaign. Indeed, in addition to the display, the preview in Paris and the many references to the pop culture of the 80s, the Netflix series has just formalized a collaboration with Nike for three pairs of new sneakers: the Cortez, the Blazers and the Tailwind. The exclusive pair of Tailwinds hide from us the little subtleties that are revealed… when you burn the fabric of the shoe. Indeed, if you burn the pair, you can discover the logo of the series on the heel. You can also burn the shoe in different places to reveal the iconic red and black colourway of the series. Other details are also to be discovered for connoisseurs, such as the famous Russian code “cracked” by Robin, Steve and Dustin.

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