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60 things a brand shouldn't do on Twitter!  

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Twitter is all about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every brand tweeting on Twitter must follow the appropriate Twitter etiquette. The Twitter etiquette is important in impressing your current and potential customers. Here are 60 rules of the road brands must follow when tweeting about their glorious brand: Don't just broadcast your tweets. Remember you are not a news channel!Retweet from a retweet from a retweet! Believe me, this will only confuse your fans.Don't keep tweeting continuously. Give appropriate space of time between your tweets. Make it plan.Don't just talk about your brand - 24/7. Share knowledge, recognize others and add value to the ecosystem.Don't tweet a link alone. Write a description next to it to make it believable enough to click.Don't protect your tweets. If you really wanted to protect yourself, you shouldn't have joined Twitter itself.

Or have a personal journal.Don't make a spelling mistake! Double check your tweet before posting.Don't post facts without giving credit to the sources or add a source link to make it more believable.Have a profile picture of your CEO or the brand logo and avoid using cartoons, landscapes, flowers, etc. People like to know who they are talking to.Do not use an animated image as a profile picture. Using an animated profile picture says a lot about your brand! Unless your brand wants to portray a particular type of image.Tweets in CAPITAL LETTERS! Avoid them. They are very uncomfortable to read and may appear rude.Although Twitter automatically shortens the link, it is suggested that you do not just copy and paste the link as such. Instead, shorten it using a link shortener like bitly, and then publish it. This will make your tweet neat.Do not use aggressive or coarse language. Be polite and subtle. Remember, when people complain, they aren't complaining about you. phone number database They have a problem with your product and they just want you to fix it.If you are managing your business twitter account, avoid taking tweets personally - this is a root cause of various nuisances that can negatively impact a brand.Don't use unrelated hashtags. Oh yes! I've seen brands do it. Use a hashtag that is only relevant to your tweet / brand.Don't send an automated tweet that announces the number of new followers, mentions, and retweets you have gained over the past week. Nobody cares, really.Don't follow people all at once. Maintain your subscriber-to-subscriber ratio. You could get into trouble and your account would be blocked for no reason.Do not have an incomplete or misleading profile. Keep it complete, simple, and straight. It only takes a minute to write one. It just means that your bio, location, and website link are in place.Twitter is about sharing, people are sharing their personal experiences, and many use Twitter as a medium for discussion. As a brand, don't get into personal discussions until they're talking about you.Don't tweet in your native language. Tweet in the native language of your audience.Don't use

Twitter validation service like TrueTwit to verify that your followers are real. It might confuse people and believe me people don't have time to validate their credibility and prove to you that they are genuine.Do not have an inactive Twitter account. You prefer not to have a Twitter account at all.Do not have a "Follow us on Twitter" icon embedded in your website or any other brand if you are not active on Twitter.Don't expect people to follow you, but make sure you follow people and build relationships on a regular basis. Otherwise, you might sound like an arrogant brand looking for massive subscribers.Don't keep your Twitter account secret. Add it to your website, email signatures, LinkedIn profile, business cards, and newsletters. Only then would people know about your availability on Twitter.Don't copy or paste a tweet without crediting the original source.Don't just expect others to retweet your tweets. You also need to retweet theirs. But make sure the tweet you are retweeting is relevant to your industry / product.Don't tweet once a month and just disappear. Twitter presence is a must!Please feel free to apologize when you find people complaining about your products / services on Twitter. It is suggested to politely apologize to them and deal with the problem offline. Remember that by apologizing, you are in fact considerate.Don't buy followers. They will not be of any use to you.

Twitter is about quality, not quantity. Many might disagree on this point. But I believe in it. Slowly build your audience thanks to the quality of your work.Brands that send #FF (#FridayFollow) look really weird. Don't do that. You can recommend your employees, analysts and bloggers in your industry. Avoid giving it to your customers - you will look desperate.As a brand, don't split your tweets in half unless and until you really need to. Try to keep it short and simple.Don't mention your competition. You are not here to wage war! Keep your tweets healthy.Don't let Klout broadcast your sheet music. It really doesn't matter to people.Do not delay in responding. Continue to monitor your Twitter account and respond to people as soon as possible.Don't link your Facebook to Twitter. Messages on both platforms should be customized depending on the tool.As a brand, don't use words like "LOL", "ROFL", "ha ha ha". Keep your tongue dignified and professional enough.Don't tweet things that have nothing to do with your brand.Don't use a lot of hashtags in a single tweet. It may seem messy and unnecessary. Use only three hashtags at most.Don't ask people to send you a DM without you following them. Remember, people can't send you a DM until you follow them. So follow them first, then ask them to DM.Don't change your username often. You are a brand and you have to stick with a name for people to recognize you.

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